Manual Reviews

Many consultants & webmasters wrongly believe the more data you have the better you can prepare a domain for a Manual Review’s Reconsideration Request. Sifting through more natural links data does not help you clear a domain from having a manual review.

It is equally important to note that all unnatural links do not need to be removed, edited, or disavowed. You have to show “a good faith attempt” to cleanup.

Google’s Webmaster Tool (WMT) spreadsheets is all you need to clear a Manual Review and provides you every link down a very granular level. Google routinely says they provide link profile samples. The sample that they profile is commonly links coming from websites that provide the most to the least impact.

Google provides online sorting of a profile but it also organizes a profile for downloading:

  1. Domains that provide the most to the least links, up to the first 1000 domains, and
    • These can be viewed at a basic tabular level (the domain name & number of links) per your website page but also provides a much more detailed review of information when you click deeper into each linking domain’s profile
    • A review of the first 1000 domains by their individual total link profiles (up to the first 1000 links/domain)
    • A review of the latest links that have been tabulated in the previous sorts according to when Googlebot first detected that link by most recent year, month, and day
  2. Also organized this data as the most links to individual pages of your website

Many consultants conclude that an audit of your profile using only Google’s WMT will miss unnatural links. In fact, that is seldom the case. It is very rare for any website with unnatural links where the top of their profile is predominantly natural thus pushing the bulk of the unnatural link below Google’s 1000 domain threshold.

It can happen but it is extremely rare.

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